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I am sincerely grateful for all of our volunteers!  You selflessly donate your time to coach others and help community organizations such as LV Softball grow.  You teach our kids valuable lessons by your actions; that by selflessly giving your time you help our community grow to be stronger in good values.  I deeply appreciate your time, energy, patience and sincerely thank every one of you!  Which is why this email is hard for me to write, since I need to ask a bit more from you. 


As many of you know through communications through your school in December of 2014 the PA Legislature passed Pa Act 153 of 2014 that extended the requirements of the background check rules that formerly applied only to schools, healthcare and daycare facilities to all persons who have “direct and routine” contact with children.  Act 15 of 2015 was signed into law on July 1, 2015 and amended Act 153.  The law applies to ALL YOUTH SPORTS COACHES, PARENT VOLUNTEERS & PAID OR UNPAID OFFICIALS.  


Here is basically what Act 15 requires:

  1. All Coaches, officials & parent helpers who have direct and routine contact with children must provide background certifications to their organization.
  2. Paid employees (including, independent contractors, like officials) must provide certifications for (1) Pa Child Abuse; (2) Pa State Police & (3) FBI fingerprinting.
  3. Volunteers must obtain certifications: (1) PA Child Abuse & (2) Pa Criminal Cert from Pa State Police.  They may exempt out of the FBI requirement by signing an affidavit included in the attached document.
  4. Volunteer Certifications may be obtained free of charge. 
  5. Paid persons (UMPIRES) of all ages must pay the required fees for each certifications and must do the FBI fingerprinting. (about $50 total for all three).  Officials under the age of 18 do not require FBI Fingerprinting, but DO require this Linked Affidavit.


Here is what I will need from you:


  1. The aforementioned clearances that were already done by a different organization (i.e. school, church, perhaps a different sport).
    1. If you fit in this category, once you send them to me, you’re done.  (i.e. a school teacher with all the clearances will just send me their certificates)
  2. If you never had this done before, I will need you to go to the following state websites (it is FREE for volunteers) and fill out the required information and send me final clearance / certificate. (Please email these copies to as we need to maintain them for what seems like forever)
    1. - Child abuse Clearance
    2. - PA State Criminal Background Clearance
    3. Signed / Notarized Affidavit

                                                           OR                                                                                                             d. - PA FBI fingerprinting and background check

  3. In addition, I need the linked affidavit signed and notarized and returned to me. (this only applies if you do not already have one or an actual FBI Clearance)
    1. Tom Dwyer (who is an LV - U12 coach) has offered the notary services for free at his office for LVGS Volunteers. 
      1. Tom’s business contact information is: Craft Source Inc, 61 E. Butler Ave, Chalfont, PA 18914.  PH: 215-997-6380
      2. Please contact Tom’s office in advance to ensure his office manager is “IN” that day.
      3. You may choose a different method for notarizing your affidavit, but since LV is offering a free method, we cannot reimburse you for the other methods if you incur a cost.

There is GOOD NEWS here…

  1. If you did this for your child’s school to volunteer there, you have these documents already, you just need to forward them to  i.e. THEY ARE Transferrable. 


Again, I sincerely thank each one of you for helping grow our community and volunteering your time with LV Softball!  Our organization simply would not exist without volunteers such as yourselves!



Thank you!

Lenape Valley Girls Softball